1. Buying & Selling of Land

We are experienced land consultants with vast experience in matters land. We buy and sell land in a transparent, professional manner.

Our deals are vetted and follow the due process approved by the laws of the land. You can trust us to support you on your next big project, whether it is buying or selling, we are here for you.

2. Conveyancing

We also support our clients in transfer of land documents (conveyancing).  This is transfer of legal land ownership documents from one person, Seller also known as Vendor to Buyer also known as Vendee.

This is an important part in land transactions. It is therefore important to get it right from the word go.

Trust us to deliver the results you seek, and live with the satisfaction of genuine ownership documents.

3. Land Consultancy

Over the years, we have build trust with our clients while perfecting on the business. Now, we not only have proven results but also a stunning reputation across the peers in the industry.

We offer open minded, well thought and honest advise to our clients. Should you require any support on land matters, Mahoo Agencies is the place to get it, unadulterated. 

4. Land Survey

A land survey is a process of establishing physical limits and exact field measurements of the land. In some cases, you can refer to it as a property survey or boundary survey.

At a bare minimum, a land survey will indicate the exact property lines and any structures within that specific property. Some other items that a survey helps discover include sewer, water, a public road, land topography, easement on the land, right of way, etc.

Task Mahoo Agencies to conduct a thorough survey on your property to ascertain the specific boundaries of the said property.